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Congratulations! You have made the great decision to invest in your business growth by joining BNI. Your journey begins here. We have gathered a collection of important resources to help you get off to a great start.

Get started on BNI Connect and the BNI Connect Mobile App to help you network on the go. You can invite visitors to your chapter easily and there are quick links to help you be successful at BNI meetings online.

We look forward to supporting your business growth.

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We have an amazing BNI Moble App! Select the links to download the BNI Connect mobile app and login with your BNI Connect username and password:

How to use BNI Connect Mobile: Click Here


 One-to-One Planner

The worksheets included in this manual include the Member Bio Sheet, Contact Sphere Planning Worksheet, GAINS Worksheet and Last 10 Customers Worksheet.  Fill out this fillable PDF and save it.  Then email it to the person you will meet with next.

BNI One-to-One Planner



Speaker should complete this ONE WEEK prior to speaking date. After completed, we will notify your Secretary/Treasurer so they will be prepared for your presentation.

Speaker Checklist



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Click here. Our members can showcase their businesses and extend discounts to other members.


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Members are expected to bring at least ONE visitor each month. Learn how to confidently invite visitors to your chapter.

Interested in working with business professionals in the Triangle? Click here to visit the NC Triangle BNI website.



Click Here for the searchable database with logos



We understand people are eager to return to in-person meetings. Here is everything you need to get your chapter ready!

Video Links

  • Video One - how we got to BNI Online and the 4 options to get back to in-person
  • Video Two - describes the 2 100% options
  • Video Three - describes the 2 hybrid options and talks about the selection process

TMR Road Map - Click Here

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Risk Form -  [REQUIRED TO DISPLAY]  - Click Here - MUST BE POSTED AT ALL MEETINGS

Triangle BNI TMR Manual (rev 06/23/2021) - Click Here

BNI TMR Signage for Meetings [REQUIRED] - Click Here

BNI TMR Visitor Email Template - Click Here  

Blended Meeting Checklist - Click Here

In-Person Meeting Checklist (use for 100% in-person or monthly hybrid meetings) - Click Here

Member Survey - ANONYMOUS - Click Here



BNI CRISIS HOTLINE: (800) 825-8256 or [email protected]

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