Would you like to know how to double your results this year over last year? Small, targeted improvements in a few key areas can make all the difference. Here is how.

Where does networking fit into your marketing plan? Take a look.

Networking involves mining relationships, sharing resources, and working together. Here's an easy shortcut to your success.

Once you have determined the ideal customer, it is time to build a team.

Now that you have begun assembling a winning team, it is time to start working together as a unit. Here are two easy ways to get that going.

How do you take your relationships wider and deeper? Here are some first steps to consider.

Consider ten essential skills for successful word-of-mouth marketing.

If you have ever felt that the time spent networking was wasted I submit that it is not the activity itself with the problem. Try this instead.

Comfort zone? Expand your contacts to provide better access for customers to services they may need as well as to reach into new markets.

Relationships are strengthened as a function of frequency and recency.​ What does that mean?

One of the closest networks you will ever have is your family. hey know your strengths and weaknesses—maybe better than you do. Consider this.

Thoreau noted, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." One way to break that cycle is to expand your network.

This week we will venture beyond the confines of our neighborhoods and start to network with the world at large.

The best way to attract the type of people you want to meet is by becoming one yourself.

All of our relationships exist in an environment that is partially of our making and partially not.

In networking there are three types of people. Those who wait and watch for things to happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what happened.

“When you want to win a game, you have to teach. When you lose a game, you have to learn.” ~~ Tom Landry

One way to increase visibility in a non-sales way is to volunteer. Find a cause that resonates with you. The key is to get involved.

Do you appreciate it when someone does a little something extra for you? Take a moment and let them know.

Is there ever a time when networking is not appropriate?

How can you swim out to your ship rather than simply waiting for it to arrive? Catalyst events are an excellent recipe.

Relaxing with someone over food is the best time to get deeper into a relationship or strategy.

Diversification of your networking allows you to meet more Centers of Influence, expanding your reach and your impact.

Sponsorship of local events is a key component in expanding a company’s or organization’s reach.

Consider some creative ways you can introduce your network to one another.

Asking interesting questions is a simple shortcut to effective communication.

Let's consider the difference between features and benefits.

Questions are your best resource.

What you say and how you say it combine to trigger your success.

Everything you do has an impact in the marketplace.

Presenting your product or service to a crowd is valuable and rewarding.

Once you have developed a few solid topics and begun delivering that information, it is time to take it all up a notch and consider putting out a regular newsletter.

Today we turn our attention to a little-used resource that is seen by experts as the second-most cost-effective marketing tool.

The longer you are in business the more subject matter expertise you gain.

Testimonials influence us in many subtle ways.

We are a species that loves a good story and enjoy sharing it.

Networking is all about connections and connections begin with introductions.

It can be a dilemma when some helpful soul inquires with an innocuous, “How is business?” or some similar question.

It is essential to develop a system that solicits and deals with feedback on a regular basis​.

At your next networking event mentally step back a moment and scan the room.

I am sure you have some businesses you support on a regular basis—veterinarian, auto repair, eyeglasses, lawn care, and so forth. When was the last time they returned the favor and sent you any business?

Consider many things that affect your business partners directly and have no apparent impact on you.

The most effective method to grow your business is by word of mouth marketing—specifically, by referral.

Most people read the newspaper every day yet only a few Master Networkers read with intent.

In repeated studies over the years people rank their fear of public speaking above the fear of dying.

Hub firms take time to develop and rely heavily on trust and competence.

In teaching we learn.

It requires a lot of different skills and activities to keep an enterprise humming and thriving.

Although networking is the recognized leader in building business relationships that work, there is no ready college course on the material.

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